Boxes, statues, clocks, and pen cases with Boulle marquetry… I restore small furnishings and antique inlaid or solid wood objects all while observing the ethical standards of cabinetmaking and woodworking. In this gallery, you will discover photos illustrating the stages in their restoration.

Restauration d'un coffret en bois de rose

Restoration of a rosewood box

I restored the rosewood veneer and green fillets and then gave it a sponge-applied varnish for a finish. I also ...
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Plumier en marqueterie Boulle restauré

Restoration of a pencil box with Boulle marquetry

This is an 18th century pencil box with a marquetry of red shell and brass. As these two materials work ...
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Restauration d'un lutrin ancien surmonté d'un cuir patiné

Restoration of a lectern

This mahogany lectern is one of those small pieces of furnitures called a mechanical table. The fitting and the finesse ...
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Restauration d'un cartel en marqueterie boulle

Restoration of a decorative clock with Boulle marquetry

The floral motifs in the Boulle marquetry of this 18th century decorative clock had become unstuck in numerous places. I ...
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Petite liseuse en bois de rose

Restoration of a rosewood reading table

This small rosewood reading table was part of an ensemble of small creations by cabinet-makers in vogue during the 18th ...
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Statue ancienne en bois massif après restauration

Restoration of an antique statue in solid wood

This 17th century statue of a Saint has been completely coated in black tar. I could not strip it by ...
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Restauration d'une jardinière ancienne époque Napoléon III

Restoration of a Napoleon III display case

This Napoleon III display case is decorated with a floral marquetry on its cover. Much damaged and missing quite a ...
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