Restoration of inlaid furniture

Marquetry, of which the origins go back to 15th century Florence, is often the most delicate part to restore. It can be a frieze (geometric motifs) or a bouquet of stylized flowers or even composed of visual objects such as musical or hunting attributes, prized themes in the past. I make a point of respecting the woods used, and of preserving the integrity of the original work in its conception and design. I put special attention into the veneers, which follow the supports maintaining them and often become deformed or unstuck.

Some restorations for individual clients, private collections, art and antique dealers…

I invite you to have a look at the section on the restoration of antique furnishings. Many photos illustrate the stages in their renovation, from the moment they arrive in my workshop in their initial state up to the final result, when they have been resuscitated and have regained their functionality and their beautiful appearance.