Refectory tables, games tables, mechanical extendable table, architect’s tables, coffee tables, solid wood tables, inlaid tables… I restore antique tables from different periods and in different styles with respect for tradition and the rules of the art, with a constant concern for the preservation of this beautiful heritage. In this gallery, you will discover photos illustrating the stages in their restoration.

Restauration d'une table du 17ème siècle

Restoration of a 17th century table

Small 17th century table with a floral marquetry This table has a variety of indigenous veneers, in the manner of ...
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Restauration d'une table coquillage

Restoration of a Pedestal Table

This pedestal table is a curiosity. Originally this mahogany table is clearly in Empire style. It is characterized by its ...
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Restauration d'une petite table de salon en marqueterie

Restoration of an Occasional Table

This small occasional table is inlaid with a flower bouquet marquetry on its tabletop. It has no stamp but it ...
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Restauration d'une table d'architecte estampillée Courte

Restoration of an Antique Architect’s Table

Here I restored a Tronchin-style architect's table stamped "Courte", a beautiful piece in blond mahogany from the 18th century. The ...
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Table portugaise en palissandre

Restoration of a Portuguese Table

In all likelihood, this rosewood table originally came from Portugal, being what is called "port furniture”. These furnishings were made ...
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Table de couvent du 17ème restaurée

Restoration of a Refectory Table

The true antique tables that are long and narrow are most often monastery tables. Several would be lined up along ...
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Restauration d'une table en chêne ancienne

Restoration of an Antique Oak Table

Restoration of a sculpted and painted oak table. I restored all of the base and legs then patinated it in ...
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Restauration d'une table de changeur ancienne

Restoration of a Money-Exchanger’s Table

This "money-exchanger's table" is a very original piece because of its shape. Its slate plaque inlaid in a moveable top ...
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Petite table à jeu en acajou après restauration

Restoration of a small games table

Restoration of a games table called "en Portefeuille", mahogany veneer. The base was broken and cracked in many spots. All ...
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Restauration d'une table chiffonnière estampilée

Restoration of a chiffonier table

Restoration of a small mahogany and rosewood Chiffonier table stamped "P. MANTEL". The veneer of the lower table in rosewood ...
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Table de tric trac ancienne

Restoration of a Tric Trac table

18th century Louis XVI games table with fruitwood, boxwood and ebony inlays for the chessboard, roulette and Tric Trac. This ...
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