Restoration of antique furniture in solid wood

In my workshop, I treat many inlaid objects and pieces of furniture with a sponge-applied varnish. But I also like to bring life back to solid wood that has been neglected for too long, when its tarnished patina no longer does honour to the true worth of a natural wood that has been waxed. The warmth of the patina is the successful conclusion of restoration. I work hard to achieve that, while respecting the character of a piece and the work of the craftsmen who have designed and built it. The guiding principle is the idea of reversibility, “retrieving” the original piece, with the golden rule being the use of glues and materials similar to those used at the time.

Some restorations for individual clients, private collections, art and antique dealers…

I invite you to have a look at the section on the restoration of antique furnishings. Many photos illustrate the stages in their renovation, from the moment they arrive in my workshop in their initial state up to the final result, when they have been resuscitated and have regained their functionality and their beautiful appearance.