18th century Louis XVI games table with fruitwood, boxwood and ebony inlays for the chessboard, roulette and Tric Trac. This rare table rare the particularity of having a top cover comprised of a checkerboard, chessboard and period roulette with its bronze pointer mounted on an axis.
On the underside of the cover, we find a felt map for card games and most of all the game Tric-Trac (sort of backgammon) made up of points of white and green-tinted veneer on an ebony veneer.

Restoration of the marquetry and the mechanisms (turning of the bronze axis). Replacement of the felt map and a French polish for the whole table. The numbers making up the roulette table had to be deciphered or “remade” if faded then redrawn in Chinese ink without stencils (risk of smudging)