Glossy mahogany Louis XV dresser from the 17th century. Amaranth frames highlight the floral decorations in veneers of boxwood and tinted woods. A stamp from the German cabinet-maker Christophe Wolff with “maîtrise de jurande” (guild mastership) is visible beneath the marble on a section of the side panel.

An enormous restoration was necessary because the sides were dented and the veneer off-centre in some parts. On top of that, previous incoherent restorations had spoiled the overall harmony of the piece.

Once the veneers were restored, the dresser’s interest lied in recolouring the floral ornamentation, which had almost completely faded. After a very fine sanding, the dominant colour of the washed out flowers proved to be green. With different shades varying from grey to bright green, it gives a surprising relief to the decoration and, in fact, to the entire piece. The final enhancement came with the sponge-applied varnish which, with its slightly blond hue, gave the colours the desired shimmer. You can also see that after a cleaning, the otherwise well-preserved gilding has really come out!