Here is an antique work table with cube marquetry. To create this impression of 3D, three veneers of different varieties of wood in the shape of lozenges were assembled. In this case, rosewood, sycamore and boxwood were used.

This type of furniture with different components is always difficult to work on, if only because of the alignment and closing of the flaps, which must coincide or else they will deteriorate the varnish on the narrowest part. The same applies to the drawers.

Then, after redoing the bulging or missing parts of the veneer, the main part of the restoration work involved redoing all the surfaces with successive, and evermore fine sanding in order to sponge-apply a varnish that would give this exceptional piece its relief and lustre.

The dismounting and remounting of the bronze were an integral, and the final, part of the work.