Here I restored a small occasional table attributed to Jean-François Hache, cabinet-maker and woodworker in Grenoble in the 18th century. This original piece of furniture with elegant proportions arrived in my workshop completely in pieces. The quatrefoil openwork parts on the side and back panels had been crudely filled in.

It was necessary to re-veneer the panels in solid cherrywood and old wood on the two sides in a way that it would be invisible. Then, I had to reconstitute the diamond-shaped rosewood fillets that made up the original decoration of the furniture. The sides, crosspieces, top, marble and drawers were all just as particularly unstable also.

The reassembly and repasting of all the elements required quite a bit of à dexterity and precision due to the fragility of the different parts and the reconstituted breccia marble as well. Once terminated, I refreshed the tint and sponge-applied a wax pore filler for the.